Waterfowl hunting 2014

23 Apr Waterfowl hunting 2014

The late season of 2014/15


Our birds never showed up until very late, this trend seems to be continuing.  This year the geese especially were far behind.  Normally we would have our large groups in late December, it was late January before they showed up.

Despite the lack of birds moving south we still managed to scratch out a decent season.  Totals less than 2013 but still picked away at them.  We hunted 32 days of the late season and bagged 78 ducks and 20 geese

This video is a compilation of some of these days.  You are going to see good shots, bad shots, shots on the water, high flying shots and pitching shots.  Not every day can you get birds to do right, we try, but it does not always work out.  Also, it is not all about take, we do give back and pass plenty of shots, but of course that never shows up on video…  So here is some of the best and worst from us.  Hate it, love it, either way, its Coastal Killers style, duck sandwich for dinner.



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