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Summertime clips

Made a short video of some clips over the summer.  Check it out. [embed][/embed]       Tons more to report on here, killed some tuna, caught some nice fish in the Onancock bay challenge.  Busted some small rock in the shallows, now a hurricane...

Late summer update

We have been doing a lot of fishing and not much posting. Time to take a vacation just to edit video!! [caption id="attachment_16037" align="alignnone" width="169"] Nice one from the Chesapeake[/caption] So the latest good news is the red drum bite off Bayford VA. This run usually starts...

Chesapeake Bay Red and black drum fishing near Watts island. is fishing near Pocomoke and Tangier sounds in the Chesapeake Bay.  Early May these fish show up in the upper reaches of Virginia and lower Maryland.  We setup in the shallows using half peeler crabs.  Our buddy boat was killing them and we couldn't...

Surf fishing in Virginia

Gearing up to head to the surf today.  picked up 4 dozen peelers from the bayside last night.  The peelers have only started showing up in the last 2 days or so.  One of my favorite fishing seasons is the early surf bite in May.  Virginia...

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