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Duck stir fry

Here is a go to duck recipe that is simple and fast to make. Goes great on a bed of rice, PF chang better lookout!...

Venison steak

This steak is all about the prep, a long cut on a tenderloin on a very hot grill. ...

Simple mans tuna steak sandwich

So you have a pile of tuna steaks from a few days ago. Standing around outside on a pretty day with your buddies, nothing better than a tuna steak on a bun. Simple man style, with Natural light of course....

Wahoo steak

The renowned Wahoo. The fish that can swim 50 miles an hour and slice a bait in half like a knife. Found in all the worlds oceans, this is a great game fish and a culinary delight. ...

Cooking wild goose

So you have been out goose hunting and you were able to bag a nice goose this morning. What now? Well, its time to cook it up! Goose is sometimes is thought of as gamey and tough. And, if you do nto cook it right,...

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