Surf fishing in Virginia

06 May Surf fishing in Virginia

Gearing up to head to the surf today.  picked up 4 dozen peelers from the bayside last night.  The peelers have only started showing up in the last 2 days or so.  One of my favorite fishing seasons is the early surf bite in May.  Virginia has their trophy season from May 1-15th.  During this time (for 2015) you are only allowed one striped bass per person, 36″ or greater.  It is also during these two weeks (sometimes 3) that the coastal run takes place, with these fish migrating north along the beach.  We mainly surf fish for about a 20 day period during the year, but during this period you have the best chance at catching really big fish.  Not only Striped bass but Big bull red drum and even black drum are cruising the beach.  All of which are a nice surprise!

Picked up from bayside!, The only bait.

Picked up from bayside!, The only bait.

Will report what we did tomorrow!

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